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Canadian Patent Search

Patent Axis is the name you can count on when it comes to patent, trademark and license. Our professional patent lawyer has years of experience in handling copyright issues or cases swiftly and hence; we can proudly say that your Canadian patent search ends at our patent office.

The conceding of Canadian patents is within the restricted jurisdiction of the Canadian federal government and is governed by the federal Patent Act, the Patent Rules, and various intercontinental treaties and the regulations there under. The enforcement of Canadian patents is the accountability of the Canadian Federal Court, or the Courts of the Canadian provinces. Being the subject matter expert in patent laws and regulations, our patent lawyer is aware of all the procedures involved in helping our clients in a comprehensive patent search Canada.

We work according to the subject matter in Patent Law in Canada

There are many matters that cannot be patented. Among such matters include certain new plant matters, a number of types of computer programs, and medical treatments within the body (diagnoses based on, for example, blood tests and are patentable).

Willing to request an early filing date?

We are here to facilitate the international protection of products and discoveries by the way of global treaties and the application of Canadian patent law. We help in early filing date in case of urgency. Come and visit our patent office in Canada to understand the entire process and legal obligations. We ensure that all our customer’s products and inventions are protected with copyrights, trademarks and licenses.

We understand that your invention is valuable and to ensure your product is shielded, our lawyer handles every legal issue with utmost professionalism and care so that you or any of our clients face problems in the future.

Count of our registered patent lawyer and agent and end your patent search!