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Patent Preparation, Filing, and Prosecution

Canadian patent lawyer

PatentAxis ensures that clients are satisfied with the service provided to them. PatentAxis provides a patent agent specialized in patent preparation and patent filing the applications that can also take care of the subsequent patent prosecution of the application in order to obtain issued patents. As a Canadian patent firm PatentAxis serves mainly Canadian clients for preparation and filing of patent applications, but serves a much wider variety of international clientele for prosecution of patent application in the Canadian Patent Office.

A single Canadian patent advisor or attorney is typically appointed to take care of your application from the beginning to the end of the process. This includes the personal writing of the necessary material and needed communications with patent offices or with a foreign patent agent or attorney to prosecute multi-country patent portfolios. Having a single patent agent coordinating and implementing prosecution strategy also benefits clients to cut down unnecessary costs.

PatentAxis has the experience to work with a wide range of clients and looks forward to meeting all their requirements and also to make sure that they get the best solution for patent preparation, patent filing, and finally the patent prosecution in the Canadian area and elsewhere around the World.