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PatentAxis Inc. - Canadian Patent Laywers

Our patent law firm helps people in patent application, search and claiming.

Visit our patent office at 10 King Street East, Toronto, Canada.

PatentAxis Inc. is a Canadian patent services firm located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The firm provides its clients with international patent protection strategies and solutions and access to the firm's established connections with foreign patent law firms and registered professionals specializing in patent law such as patent agents, patent attorneys, and patent lawyers, as well as related non-registered patent experts, specialists and consultants.

PatentAxis Inc. offers core patent services of patent search and analysis, patent application preparation, patent prosecution and patent portfolio management that are well suited for clients seeking to implement international patent protection strategies extending from preparing and filing patent applications and prosecuting pending patent applications in various patent offices around the World to ultimately receiving notices of allowance and issued patents from targeted patent offices.

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The firm's objective is to provide practical and reliable solutions for clients that wish to obtain protection for new ideas, concepts, information, or inventions. While the firm provides patent services out of its Toronto, Ontario, Canada office, the firm's experience and connection with professional patent services firms, and patent law experts, specialists and consultants extend to many foreign countries ranging across the globe and include patent agents, patent lawyers, patent attorneys, patent litigators, patent licensing specialists, patent office search consultants, patent illustrators, technical consultants, patent validation experts, patent translation specialists, and related patent valuation and commercialization consultants and specialists.

Implementing international patent protection strategies involve interacting with patent examiners and patent offices in desired foreign countries as well as working with established and reputable foreign patent law firms, patent agents, patent lawyers or patent attorneys that have been registered with and are authorized to correspond with each country's patent examiners and patent office. In addition to facilitating communication with foreign patent offices, such foreign patent law firms and their registered patent professionals such as patent agents, patent lawyers, and patent attorneys and other related patent expert, consultants and specialists can provide valuable information and advice as to nuances in patent law and patent office practice in a given foreign country. Thus, executing an international patent protection strategy involves navigation and management of multiple correspondence and information nodes that require clear and consistent communications to not only achieve a best quality result, but also a cost efficient result. Such clear and consistent communication is a priority at PatentAxis Inc.


Patenting ideas or inventions can be a complex process. A relatively simple event such as a listing of patent search results during a patent office examination of a pending application can often be challenging for clients to fully grasp and comprehend. Therefore, throughout the patenting process decision making points are identified for the client and practical options are presented to the client, so as to place the client in the best position to make an informed decision. Client input and patenting objectives are always kept in focus as experience has shown that this business approach to providing patent services yields an efficient and successful result.

Clear and consistent communications are established from the beginning of the patent protection and/or patent analysis process starting at the initial client consultation with a thorough discussion of a client's proposed idea or invention, pending patent applications, existing patent portfolio, target consumer and production markets, potential public disclosures, commercialization time line, etc. so as to achieve an understanding of client budget and patenting goals and expectations. Furthermore, throughout the patenting process every attempt is made to communicate complex arguments of patent law raised by a patent office examiner in concise, practical and relevant terms to the client.

If you are dealing in new ideas or inventions and are searching for practical and reliable international patent protection strategies and solutions, contact PatentAxis Inc. for an information session. An information session is the best way to find out how you may benefit from PatentAxis services .


As a reputed Canadian patent firm, services are provided in all areas of patent protection and analysis, including:

  • Patent Search
  • Patent Application and Prosecution
  • Patent Portfolio Management and Assessment
  • On-site Patent Consultation

Consultation sessions can be carried out over the phone or in person at the PatentAxis office in 10 King Street East #500, Toronto, Canada.