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patent axis

PatentAxis Inc. - Canadian Patent Laywers

Our patent law firm helps people in patent application, search and claiming.

PatentAxis has moved one block south from King Street to Yonge Street, and is now located at Suite 602 - 67 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1J8.

We are a Canadian patent law firm located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide the best to our clients and make sure that they receive the best international patent protection strategies. We provide our clients with the international patent protection strategies and provide the perfect solution to access the foreign patent law firm to establish a good connection. With the help of the patent agents and lawyers, you can now get the patent application done easily. We have registered specialists taking care of the patent application preparation and analysis to offer you the best solution.

Patent Axis Inc. provides the core patent service to get a solution for everything. You can rely on us for the patent search, application, or even for the patent advisor if you are not very sure about what steps should be taken. There are critical rules that are set by the government for the patent and interestingly they keep changing each year. Therefore, it is always better to take help of Canadian patent experts to get the thorough knowledge about the patent permission.

Patent Advisor For Practical Solutions

We idealise to provide the practical and reliable solution to our clients so that they can get the required protection for new ideas, inventions and concepts. We offer the patent permission for the Canadian area but we have connections across the globe. We have a team of patent agents taking care of all our clients and make sure that you get proper protection for your creation or invention. We can help you streamline the solutions and provide a practical solution to achieve them.

We have the best patent advisor in Canada and make sure that you get a proper solution at an affordable rate. We are an authentic and reputed foreign patent law firm and we are authorized to correspond with each country’s patent examiners and patent office. Therefore, if you are dealing with the best quality deals in the area. With help of the professional agents and advisor, we are sure that you will get the best patent service in Canada.

We implement the international patent protection strategies which involve discussing with the patent examiners. They can help you get the best patent application done. It is hard to understand the details about a countries patent as there are many claws and claims, moreover, it keeps changing. You will need the help of a Canadian patent lawyer to take care of it. We provide a cost-effective solution for the patent for your value creation or product.

Canadian patent law firm for clear communication

The interesting part of our law firm is that we always remain in touch. If you are searching for the best patent office in Canada, we can help you. We have a special tool that simply answers for all types of patent search. There are different types of ideas, inventions and creations that come up each day and all of them have a different patent solution. It is rather tough to comprehend each and come up with a better solution every time. That is where the importance of our patent advisor comes in. PatentAxis will be the one-stop solution for all types of patent process and applications. All our patent advisors are Canada based and can help you get the best solution at an affordable rate.

We can help you with:

  • Patenting process
  • Decision-making points
  • Identifying the patent process
  • Practical options are presented to our clients
  • A clear and consistent communication

We do not expect our clients to know much about the patenting process and therefore, we start guiding them from the scratch. We first opt for the patent analysis by sitting with the clients and speaking to them about the terms and conditions required to protect our client's creation. We sit with our clients for the initial discussion about client's proposed ideas, pending applications, existing patent portfolio of the client, targeted consumer or product market, potential public disclosure etc. This helps us in understanding client's expectation and budget for the patent process he requires or is planning to opt for. We also help you prepare about the complex argument that might be raised by the patent office examiner. This is precisely how you can be benefitted by PatentAxis – a Canadian patent law firm aiming to help people with the patent solution.

What we specialize in:

PatentAxis is well known as Canadian patent experts for the perfect on-time patent solutions we offer:

  • Proper patent search following the rules of the Canadian government.
  • We help you with the patent application.
  • We have a team of an expert patent advisor who can help you get the perfect solution relating the patent services.
  • The separate session between patent agent and client – for a thorough knowledge of the patent process.
  • Cost effective consultation charges.

Consultation sessions can be carried out over the phone or in person at the PatentAxis office in 67 Yonge Street #602, Toronto, Canada.