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Why Use a Canadian Patent Agent?

Canadian Patent Agent

Our registered Canadian Patent Agent and Trademark Agent are registered by and before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to act as an agent for Applicants in obtaining Patent Grants and Trademark Registrations. We can assist you in steering the nuances of patent and trademark law when seeking intellectual property fortification in Canada before CIPO.

Our Canadian Patent Agent Will Help You be Aware of Everything

Is your business name and website content mechanically protected by copyright or patent law? Should you have registered your company name as a brand name? Can you stipulate that they alter their name and dismantle their website straight away?

Intellectual property can be a bewildering topic, and one that all company owners should know about. Miserably however, a lot of entrepreneurs simply don't. Intellectual property is in plain terms an idea that lawfully belongs to someone, be they a business or an entity. Only the owner of that idea or someone the proprietor has a legal conformity with can utilize the idea. By and large, the owner of the idea is usually its inventor unless someone paid them to generate the idea, in which case the idea's possessor is the person who paid for the idea. There are different kinds of intellectual property, but for the purpose of this content, our focal point would be on patent only.

Patent Agent Canada

What we do?
Patent Axis was established to provide realistic and valuable intellectual property services for entrepreneurs and well established organizations working at the leading edge of patent technology. We pride ourselves of offering sincere advice and look forward to work mutually with our esteemed clients to make certain that their goals are realized speedily and efficiently.

Patent Protection

The core of our business is protecting your technical innovation. Our educational backgrounds and experience help us understand complex mechanical, electrical and computer technologies and how best to capture those technologies in the sometimes-arcane language of patents. We have particular expertise in dealing with technologies that are, or may become, relevant to technical standards.

Design Protection

Occasionally termed “industrial design” and sometimes “design patent”, this type of registration protects the look-and-shape of commercial products. It is increasingly proving to be a valuable protection to complement more conventional patent and trade-mark portfolios. Our patent agent Canada can identify if your products would benefit from design protection.

Trademark Protection

Influential branding can be a valuable component of any business’s promotion campaign. We can help ensure the money you make in your marketing and branding is protected through suitable trademark registration and portfolio management. We can also help out in choosing marks that are likely to be available before you invest in them.

If you want to know more about patent, you must visit our patent office and have a word with our professional patent agent who is experienced and possesses fair knowledge on all patent rules and regulations.