Why You Need Patent Application Management Services

The problem of patent rejection

Sometimes, it happens that the patent that you apply for is not accepted at first. Sometimes, it needs to be applied for again. Let us see what the steps there are to get a patent first, and then we shall see what you can do when the application is rejected.

It happens many time, that when someone’s patent application rejected, the applicant loses hope and does not make an effort a second time, or makes a passive effort at best when a second application is all that is needed! Part of the reason is that most applicants are not familiar with the legal formalities or the rules.

Corresponding with your Patent Office

The very first stage is to approach a Patent Law Firm in Canada, or get in contact with the Patent Office. Before forwarding the patent application, you may want to get the professional help of a registered patent agent. He or she shall help you to make certain changes to the application as needed, or to scrap it altogether. Now, if there is a minor defect, then the officer in charge shall send what is known as an ‘office action’, which is a report that tells about requests and objections regarding to changes to be done on the patent. In some cases, the officer in charge may even contact you! In response, you need to improve on the patent application and return the phone call. This communication continues until the application is either examined and accepted or completely rejected.

Don’t panic

If your application is rejected, do not panic! All is not over yet. All you need to do is to make the necessary changes and submit the application once more to be reviewed. If you have not used the services of a professional registered patent agent yet, it is strongly recommended that you do so now.
What you can do

When your patent application is rejected by the examiner, you get the ‘Final Action’ report we mentioned earlier. When you get this, it means that you have a last chance to edit and submit the application. The Patent Office Board is the body that finally reviews your application, along with all the evidence that you need to pass the application.

It is understood that sometimes it is hard to pass a patent. Sometimes it is rejected, and that results in considerable problems. Fortunately, there are companies like. that acts against patent rejections.

Source: I have gathered a fair amount of the information given above from Patent Axis Inc.
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