Canadian Patent Office is Responsible for Administration of Trademarks

Simply put, the Canadian Patent Office is accountable for granting patents and administration of copyright in Canada. As a result a lot of people see the Patent Office and the Copyright Database as an outstanding source of scientific information. The CPO is part of a superior group, called the Canadian Intellectual Property Office that is responsible for the management of trademarks, copyright, manufacturing designs, and incorporated circuit topographies.

Canadian Patent Office – Legally Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Take note, the Patent Office Canada will not lawfully protect yourPatent Office Canada exclusive rights. They simply provide the listing and administration of your patent. The office only provides the permissible means for you to guard your own Intellectual Property. Without a settled patent, your idea is merely a trade secret. If a trade clandestine is made public you cannot do prevent others from utilizing the design or idea. However, with patent security you can confine the use of your design or idea. This is chiefly handled with a licensed conformity.

In fact it is quite general for any company to contravene on a patent and wait for a cease letter. They will over and over again go so far as to keep back an amount of wealth (of a typical license percentage) for every case of encroachment. Upon receiving the cease and desist memo, negotiations often start regarding a license agreement. These discussions often result with the copyright holder receiving a royalty imbursement for work done in the past and future work utilizing the exclusive rights.

Patent Office Canada – Safeguards Your Invention or Discovery

A Patent is a right, granted by administration, to prohibit others from manufacturing, using, or advertising your creation in Canada for a period of 20 years. In contemplation for registration and a sense of fortification, the discoverer provides a full narrative of the discovery.

Patents include procedure inventions, machine creations, mechanized inventions, composition of substance or any new and constructive upgrading of an existing discovery or design. The criteria include:

  • Must be original
  • Must be constructive
  • Must show resourcefulness and not be obvious

The four major components of patent are:

  • Specification
  • Abstract
  • Claims
  • Drawings

Do note that 90% of patents are enhancement on existing copyrightCanadian Patent Office creations. However, the original patent may still be in effect and using it may be infringing. Therefore, one time and again grants a certificate contract to the original patent holder. Also patents are settled to the first discoverer to file not to the initial inventor to file anything. However, bear in mind that filing too early may augment risk owing to re-apply. In conclusion, public disclosure may make it unfeasible to acquire a legitimate patent.

With Patent Axis, protect your intellectual property, creations, designs and inventions. We are the only Canadian Patent Office that comprehends the concerns of discovers, creators, designers and inventors and work on proper paper work so that your property is protected under strict patent law.

Patent office Canada: Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Product

You have a great plan or invention. You are persuaded there is a demand for it-or that it might even become a big seller. The dilemma is, like many entrepreneurs and inventors; you lack the understanding or the means to get your product to market.

You are not alone. Myriad business ideas or inventions never take flight merely because the people behind them don’t have the monetary, operational or workforce to turn their idea into a marketable reality. If you are short on hard cash, skill or resources, consider product licensing. Instead of manufacturing and advertising your merchandise yourself, you can license it to a company in Canada or internationally. But in doing this, you may face a couple of problems and one of the key of all problems is patent issue.

Once you are ready with the product launch, your first and foremost task is to contact a reputed patent office Canada who can assist you in protecting your product and intellectual property. Before licensing your merchandise you must ensure your product is protected with the property rights with a patent. A patent gives you the right to exclude others from making, using or selling your creation in Canada. For more information, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The product assortment is your opportunity to showcase your manufactured goods to potential licensees. It should clearly feature your idea or invention, how it works and why its market potential is so firm. The package should contain a letter of introduction, along with the following: product films or drawings, comprehensive description, product variants, benefits, mechanized information, market research result, and costing.

Every business owner would go to that extreme to protect their licensed products and no one could serve you better than a professional patent office Canada. One of the major objectives of such a legal professional is to provide consistent and realistic solutions to every customer who wants to obtain protection for new inventions, ideas, concepts and products. He will implement international patent protection strategies and do follow-ups with national and foreign patent officers to shield your intellectual properties.

Now, with some of the basic information about the role of a patent lawyer, you can go ahead with your next step which is to contact one and protect your newly launched product. You don’t have to hop from one place to another in search of such a legal professional. All you have to do is to find them online. You will get names and contact information of numerous patent offices in Canada where experienced lawyers are recruited to look after your newly invented products or some creative ideas. Don’t waste too much time. Shortlist names of a few patent companies and make a visit in them. If you run short of time, just call them up and ask questions to know more about their services in details.


Portfolio management is nothing but the centralized management of one or more portfolios. It includes identifying along with prioritizing and authorizing and managing programs and other related work in achieving specific strategic business objectives.

There are numerous advantages of portfolio management:

Maximum overall returns- The proper portfolio management ensures the proper conglomeration of the projects for achieving the maximum and overall returns. The project portfolio comprises of the projects that often provide values that differ widely from each other. The various projects in the portfolio varies in terms of the following factors

  • Short and long term benefit
  • Synergy with corporate goals
  • The level of investment
  • Anticipated payback

By considering all these factors, PPM focuses on the optimization of the returns of the entire portfolio by doing all the following activities:

  • Executing the most valued producing projects
  • Directing the funds towards worthy initiatives
  • Eliminating the redundancies between the projects
  • Saving time and costs

Harmonizing the risks posed by projects– The PPM involves the balancing of the risk that has been posed by the projects in the portfolio. The various companies should have the tenacity in evaluating and balancing the projects risk in their portfolios for decreasing the risk and increasing the returns by diversifying portfolio holdings.

To be honest a traditional portfolio might minimize the risk and protect the principals, however it also limits the prospective returns. On the contrary, the hard-line project portfolio might have the tenacity in providing greater chance of good returns. However it also poses considerably higher risk of failure or loss. PPM allows in balancing the risk with potential returns by diversifying the projects of the organizations as being said by individuals providing having patent office Canada.

Optimized allocation resources– The resources are optimally allocated among various projects of the portfolio. As the resources are really limited, all the projects should have the potency in competing with each other for resources.

PPM involves measuring along with comparing and prioritizing the projects in order to classify and implemented the most valuable projects only. The conflicts between the projects for the resources are being resolved by high level management. The skill sets required for each project are the ideal source of these resources that are determined by incorporating formal sourcing strategies as being said by individuals who are skilled in patent search in Canada.

Correction of performance problem– The performance problems are corrected prior to their development in various major issues. Although. PPM cannot completely get rid of the performance issues early. The PPM involves identification along with escalation and addressing any issues related to execution and helps in keeping the progress of project on the track.

Aiming the projects according to business goals– PPM assures that project remain aligned to the business goals during the execution by performing the following activities:

  • Oversight management and proper monitoring throughout the project.
  • Communication of optimal standards.
  • Correction of regular courses.
  • Project redirection for maintaining alignment and changing the business objectives.

Tips for finding the best services from patent office Canada

With every fresh innovation come many people who are waiting to copy the idea and thereby make money through it. This not is only the case for writers or any artists but also for many companies and institutions who are worried regarding their innovations getting copied by fraud people and companies. In the same way, there are solutions to these problems that assure the rights of the innovations or plans so that nobody can steal it. Therefore, it is necessary to find the perfect patent office Canada that will guide you in keeping the keeping your invention as your sole creation and that too legally.

In that case, finding the perfect ‘patent attorney’ is a must thing to do for securing the rights of your invention or any idea. The experts actually create a draft of the ideas or the plans about which no one has ever thought about it still now. Furthermore, this is not a very easy task for the reason is that the draft might have to be done lots of times before it is accepted for registration. Furthermore, even the experts are very qualified because to provide patent services requires lots of skill and that too earned from experience and knowledge in this field.

Moreover, the first draft that is registered is very simple amongst the others and starts near around seven thousand in terms of dollars. Again to maintain it requires paying fees that for about three and half years after finishing the first registration. Among this, the best part of it is that it will remain protected for the coming seventeen years and it will remain under the name of the person who gave birth to the idea or plan.

Nevertheless, famous logos are even protected in the contemporary times to stop fraud companies using the same logo and thereby selling their services. Moreover, the company with the real logo can lose its reputation for delivering low-quality goods and services which they are not.

Also, if the copyright has been registered then any company or individual can sue the other entity for misusing its plan, logo, idea or name.

If you are thinking that you can easily work this out then you are going to face lots of difficulties. Therefore, it is always better to patent search Canada that will offer the best assistance and guide you through the right and apt legal procedures. This is actually a very complicated process and unless you are experienced in this field then there are good chances of getting into complex situations and inviting troubles.

Hence, if you are the inventor of a great idea, product, name or service, then you should get it registered before wasting your time. On the other hand, if you are thinking about doing it later then it can result in someone using your work by his or her name with you just staring at it.