Patent: A need for good commercial structuralism

We all know that the patent is nothing but a governmental authority or a particular license bestowing a right or a particular title for a given set of time periods. It is done in order to exclude others from making the same thing at the same time using or selling a discovery or innovation as being said by Canadian patent lawyer.

Benefits of patent– In various countries, these patents are often being considered as top notch activities as contrary to its reality. There is a conception that patent is only for individuals who are in the domains of research and scientific inventions.

  • It should be realized that the innovative spirit as well as the creativity should be protected for every person.
  • The individuals who are inventing any inventions should have the tenacity in developing it commercially, and making advancement in the technical field.
  • Patent is generally granted when development is completely new at the same time it is novel and more importantly contain an inventive step and is quite capable of industrial application.

Terms and terminology

  1. NEW- It means that the invention is not in existence in the prior state of art connecting to a particular technological domain
  2. NOVELITY- The invention must not get disclosed in any public pedestal or anywhere in the globe before the date of fill-up of the application of the patent
  3. INVENTIVE STEP- It means that the invention should not be understandable at the same time it cannot be probable by an individual who is skilled in the concerned art
  4. INDUSTRIAL USE- It is something which needs to get fulfilled before the grant of the patent. The invention should be appropriate in such a manner which can be used in any kind of industry which is not at all applicable across the board. It can be used in a field which cannot be general

Reason to file your patent

The very obvious reason one needs to decide to file a patent may be just one or a couple of conglomeration of various motives. As of the defensive patent is concerned, it can protect a company from getting hitched by a particular rival company or against contravention. It keeps you protected in case you do step on to somebody else’s plan as it is often been said by Canadian patent lawyer.


How patents help

Patent can also help during valuation, especially during raise of a particular investment along with the capital plan. It proves to be a definite asset during such crunch times.

What’s more is, it allows in acquiring more and more customers in the coming future as it sets the particular products apart from the competitors as well as the competition. It helps in improving the values and the perception for a particular product in the eyes of the customer at the same time it can make it more appealing and more attractive. It can even make the product more desirable and advanced as it is often been said by Canadian patent lawyer.

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