Filing a Provisional Canadian Patent Application

Filling a provisional patent application lets you secure your place in the patent industry in Canada. Whether the patent is in its final or basic stage, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property.

Generally, one can avail two options when it comes to filling a provisionalCanadian patent application Canadian patent application. You can either mail your application or get it submitted electronically. If you choose the method of filing your application through mail, it is important to ensure that you submit a completed provisional patent cover letter, mentioning the specification of invention, drawings of invention, a credit card payment form ( if payment is done through credit card) and a receipt postcard. All the documents of your application package needs to be enclosed in an express mailing envelope alongside appropriate postage. What is worth mentioning is that the specification of your invention should be done on a A4 paper and that too printed on a inkjet printer.

What to ensure prior to submitting your application

Make sure all your documents are printed on one side of the paper. Remember, submitting a handwritten specification is not recommended. However, if you think of doing so, make sure the document is very much readable. However, if you wish to maintain the consistency of the sheet size, it is important to have your drawings done on the same size sheets as per your specifications. Prior to submitting your application make a copy of your application to keep in your possession.

Considerations for Approval of Patent Application Canada

Once the patent application gets approved, the owner gets guaranteedPatent Application Canada invention or idea. This gives the patent owner control over many aspects of patented material including:

  • Who shall or shall not make use of the patented invention.
  • Who can license the usage of patented invention
  • The sale of the patent

Remember, these rights are only guaranteed until the patent is sold naturally under the law.

Canadian Patent Lawyer: Prosecuting Patent Applications Smoothly

A Patent is a lawful document that describes an innovation or invention in words and sketches. It also includes all the claims that define the protection the patent gives to every discovery you make. The concept is complicated and it is more complicated to file a patent application in Canada. Patent Axis, a reliable patent consulting firm has taken initiatives in providing comprehensive patent services along with helping people in filing patent application in Canada. If you are in need of a similar service,Canadian patent lawyer talk to our expert Canadian patent lawyer who is known to assist entrepreneurs, investors and companies to protect their assets and intellectual property.

Patent Agent Canada: Securing the protection of inventions on a global scale

It is through our foreign associate set of connections, our patent agents and lawyers are able to secure the defense of inventions on a large scale. We are the most reliable patent agent Canada that works with simple to complex patent applications and ensure the applicants about a hassle-free process. Our expert Canadian patent lawyer is specialized in assisting clients worldwide in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and submissions.

If you require representation to put into effect your intellectual property rights or for licensing patents, we are also well geared up to help you out. We offer all-inclusive services in all areas of intellectual property protection across every Canadian state.

The Special Right to Make, Use Or Sell an Invention

A patent is the special right to make, use or sell an invention approved bypatent agent Canada the government to an inventor, or somebody who gets the right to a discovery from the inventor. In return for getting the limited right, the inventor reveals details of the invention to the community. An invention is patentable only if it is new, practical and non-obvious and falls within the meaning of a patentable discovery.

A patent looks after functional or serviceable aspects of equipment, for instance:

  • Machines
  • Selected computer programs
  • Tools
  • Processes like pulp making or food processing or any other manufacturing methods
  • Compositions of matters like concrete, chemicals, drugs, insecticides, etc.

At Patent Axis, the most skilled Canadian patent lawyer is always enthusiast to help you determine what is patentable and what is not.

There are more than a few important pieces of information our Canadian lawyers and patent agents will have need of to file your patent application. Send us a written narrative of the invention, including sketches, if available, and be sure to emphasize what you think is new about the invention. For additional information about patent applications, we welcome you to revisit our portal from time to time. We keep it updated, just for you!

Patent: A Canadian Patent Agent Will Help You Understand Everything

You are an entrepreneur with a web presence. During a regular Google search for your page ranking, you find out something alarming. There is one more company out there with a name very alike to yours and more or less indistinguishable content on their website. What will you do?

Is your business name and website content mechanically protected by copyright or patent law? Should you have registered your company name as a brand name? Can you stipulate that they alter their name and dismantle their website straight away?

Intellectual property can be a perplexing topic, and one that all company owners should know about. Miserably however, a lot of entrepreneurs simply don’t. Intellectual property is in plain terms an idea that lawfully belongs to someone, be they a business or an entity. Only the owner of that idea or someone the proprietor has a legal conformity with can utilize the idea. By and large, the owner of the idea is usually its inventor unless someone paid them to generate the idea, in which case the idea’s possessor is the person who paid for the idea. There are different kinds of intellectual property, but for the purpose of this content, our focal point would be on patent only.

Patent – A patent shields the inventors of new inventions. A creation can include anything from a new product or business method to a formula. If you settle on to patent your discovery, there a few things you should know. First, you will require applying for exclusive rights in every nation where you would like your creation to be secluded. Secondly, getting a patent is going to cost you a pretty denomination. You will have to shell out thousands of dollars to copyright your thought or creation and it will take a minimum of two years (possibly more) before you are granted an official document. Also, your prized invention will no longer stay a clandestine since your patent submission will be made public once your application is submitted. If all of this wasn’t passable bad news, patent protection usually only lasts for twenty years from the date of your submission. Phew! On the positive aspect, once your patent is acknowledged, you can take legal action against anyone who tries to produce or sell your finding.

If you want to know more about patent, you must contact a reliable Canadian patent agent. The agent has to be experienced and must possess fair knowledge on all patent rules and regulations. Only then you will be able to get the exact information to protect your business ideas, products or any discoveries. You can do one thing. Visit a reputed Canadian patent office in your city and look for an agent who can feed you with ample information about protecting your intellectual property. The agent will do the search and help you in application and prosecution by interacting with various patent offices across the world.

Patent office Canada: Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Product

You have a great plan or invention. You are persuaded there is a demand for it-or that it might even become a big seller. The dilemma is, like many entrepreneurs and inventors; you lack the understanding or the means to get your product to market.

You are not alone. Myriad business ideas or inventions never take flight merely because the people behind them don’t have the monetary, operational or workforce to turn their idea into a marketable reality. If you are short on hard cash, skill or resources, consider product licensing. Instead of manufacturing and advertising your merchandise yourself, you can license it to a company in Canada or internationally. But in doing this, you may face a couple of problems and one of the key of all problems is patent issue.

Once you are ready with the product launch, your first and foremost task is to contact a reputed patent office Canada who can assist you in protecting your product and intellectual property. Before licensing your merchandise you must ensure your product is protected with the property rights with a patent. A patent gives you the right to exclude others from making, using or selling your creation in Canada. For more information, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

The product assortment is your opportunity to showcase your manufactured goods to potential licensees. It should clearly feature your idea or invention, how it works and why its market potential is so firm. The package should contain a letter of introduction, along with the following: product films or drawings, comprehensive description, product variants, benefits, mechanized information, market research result, and costing.

Every business owner would go to that extreme to protect their licensed products and no one could serve you better than a professional patent office Canada. One of the major objectives of such a legal professional is to provide consistent and realistic solutions to every customer who wants to obtain protection for new inventions, ideas, concepts and products. He will implement international patent protection strategies and do follow-ups with national and foreign patent officers to shield your intellectual properties.

Now, with some of the basic information about the role of a patent lawyer, you can go ahead with your next step which is to contact one and protect your newly launched product. You don’t have to hop from one place to another in search of such a legal professional. All you have to do is to find them online. You will get names and contact information of numerous patent offices in Canada where experienced lawyers are recruited to look after your newly invented products or some creative ideas. Don’t waste too much time. Shortlist names of a few patent companies and make a visit in them. If you run short of time, just call them up and ask questions to know more about their services in details.


Portfolio management is nothing but the centralized management of one or more portfolios. It includes identifying along with prioritizing and authorizing and managing programs and other related work in achieving specific strategic business objectives.

There are numerous advantages of portfolio management:

Maximum overall returns- The proper portfolio management ensures the proper conglomeration of the projects for achieving the maximum and overall returns. The project portfolio comprises of the projects that often provide values that differ widely from each other. The various projects in the portfolio varies in terms of the following factors

  • Short and long term benefit
  • Synergy with corporate goals
  • The level of investment
  • Anticipated payback

By considering all these factors, PPM focuses on the optimization of the returns of the entire portfolio by doing all the following activities:

  • Executing the most valued producing projects
  • Directing the funds towards worthy initiatives
  • Eliminating the redundancies between the projects
  • Saving time and costs

Harmonizing the risks posed by projects– The PPM involves the balancing of the risk that has been posed by the projects in the portfolio. The various companies should have the tenacity in evaluating and balancing the projects risk in their portfolios for decreasing the risk and increasing the returns by diversifying portfolio holdings.

To be honest a traditional portfolio might minimize the risk and protect the principals, however it also limits the prospective returns. On the contrary, the hard-line project portfolio might have the tenacity in providing greater chance of good returns. However it also poses considerably higher risk of failure or loss. PPM allows in balancing the risk with potential returns by diversifying the projects of the organizations as being said by individuals providing having patent office Canada.

Optimized allocation resources– The resources are optimally allocated among various projects of the portfolio. As the resources are really limited, all the projects should have the potency in competing with each other for resources.

PPM involves measuring along with comparing and prioritizing the projects in order to classify and implemented the most valuable projects only. The conflicts between the projects for the resources are being resolved by high level management. The skill sets required for each project are the ideal source of these resources that are determined by incorporating formal sourcing strategies as being said by individuals who are skilled in patent search in Canada.

Correction of performance problem– The performance problems are corrected prior to their development in various major issues. Although. PPM cannot completely get rid of the performance issues early. The PPM involves identification along with escalation and addressing any issues related to execution and helps in keeping the progress of project on the track.

Aiming the projects according to business goals– PPM assures that project remain aligned to the business goals during the execution by performing the following activities:

  • Oversight management and proper monitoring throughout the project.
  • Communication of optimal standards.
  • Correction of regular courses.
  • Project redirection for maintaining alignment and changing the business objectives.

Tips for finding the best services from patent office Canada

With every fresh innovation come many people who are waiting to copy the idea and thereby make money through it. This not is only the case for writers or any artists but also for many companies and institutions who are worried regarding their innovations getting copied by fraud people and companies. In the same way, there are solutions to these problems that assure the rights of the innovations or plans so that nobody can steal it. Therefore, it is necessary to find the perfect patent office Canada that will guide you in keeping the keeping your invention as your sole creation and that too legally.

In that case, finding the perfect ‘patent attorney’ is a must thing to do for securing the rights of your invention or any idea. The experts actually create a draft of the ideas or the plans about which no one has ever thought about it still now. Furthermore, this is not a very easy task for the reason is that the draft might have to be done lots of times before it is accepted for registration. Furthermore, even the experts are very qualified because to provide patent services requires lots of skill and that too earned from experience and knowledge in this field.

Moreover, the first draft that is registered is very simple amongst the others and starts near around seven thousand in terms of dollars. Again to maintain it requires paying fees that for about three and half years after finishing the first registration. Among this, the best part of it is that it will remain protected for the coming seventeen years and it will remain under the name of the person who gave birth to the idea or plan.

Nevertheless, famous logos are even protected in the contemporary times to stop fraud companies using the same logo and thereby selling their services. Moreover, the company with the real logo can lose its reputation for delivering low-quality goods and services which they are not.

Also, if the copyright has been registered then any company or individual can sue the other entity for misusing its plan, logo, idea or name.

If you are thinking that you can easily work this out then you are going to face lots of difficulties. Therefore, it is always better to patent search Canada that will offer the best assistance and guide you through the right and apt legal procedures. This is actually a very complicated process and unless you are experienced in this field then there are good chances of getting into complex situations and inviting troubles.

Hence, if you are the inventor of a great idea, product, name or service, then you should get it registered before wasting your time. On the other hand, if you are thinking about doing it later then it can result in someone using your work by his or her name with you just staring at it.

New Strategies Adopted For Canadian Patent Application

An inventor outside the Canadian Territories can apply for a cost-effective patent either before the deadline of 12 months for their domestic patent or within the stipulated time of 30 months of the priority date of their PCT worldwide patent application.

But, unlike many other patents procedures, there isn’t any specific request that is available for an expedited examination, unless of course the applicant has attained a certain age or an invention which may relate to a “green” technology.

A study shows that the current estimated backlogs of the Canadian Patent Application files are around 700,000 which need to be examined soon. This means that an applicant has to wait for around three years from the date of filing to get their patents granted.

Hence, the Canadian government has issued strategies and measures in order to do away or lessen the waiting time of the Patent Application Canada.

The strategy is a Three-Track initiative.

In the first track, it is at the will of the applicant to pay a premium fee in order to get the examination accelerated, which helps them to get their patents issued within 12 months from the date of filing.

In the second track, the patents are going to be examined as per the ongoing procedures.

The third track is however the slowest and the least expensive one. It delays the examination time by up to 30 months than ongoing processes.

These strategies have been designed to reduce the overall backlogs, and speeder up the processes. With these strategies, the companies will be allowed to prioritize their applications based on the hierarchy of importance and value of the need to be patented more quickly than others. The portfolios in this case need to be built up at a faster rate and hence allowing to control the costs which are involved to get a patent granted.

The compliance fees and the premiums which will be raised with the Track 1 applicants will be used by the government to upgrade and improve the in-house systems, which in turn will help the processes to be fast and speed them up. The Canadian Government has also opened the doors to around a thousand patent examinees over the coming years to help improve the quality of the examination processes.

Thus, it can be said that the government of Canada is extremely adamant in bringing about positive changes in the procedures and help the applicants in whichever way possible.

Patent application to ease the entire process

Patents are offered to the people who want to make the research successful and the due course needs capital money to continue with the research work. When we are in the middle of a research work and are in dire need of the money or having the copyright issue then it is the patent that can actually help us in the way. What matters the most is getting the best of the deal in the area and where the patent thing is concerned we will have to be extra careful about the transaction. When we are here to make the research study we will have to make a thing clear and that we need to take care of the people we are dealing with. Patent rights are a government approved right and we will have to make sure that we abide by all the rules and get the thing done.

As per the norm we always have to maintain certain regulations while we are facilitated with the patent money by the government. We will have to come up with the result of the research and use it for the public welfare. There are certain rules that we have to abide by when we are taking the best of the deal to make the deal confirmed. We need to understand that there are many things that we will have to get the best of the deal in the area. When it is the patent issue we will have to understand that there are no obstacles on the way. We will have to make sure that we are choosing the best of the deal in the area. it is important make a pre Patent Application in Canada in order avail the patent in time.

It is a government right that offers a certain amount of money at an installment basis especially when the research is for the welfare of the country. We will have to make sure that we are able to show the best of the deal in the area. We need to make sure of the fact that we are choosing the best of the deal so that we can make the most of the patent issues. Patent is indeed a very touchy and complex thing. Touchy because we will have to keep a track record of every expense that we do and the fact that there are many things that we need to take care of when we are looking for the best of the deal in the area.

We will have to get the Canadian Patent Application so that we can make the most of the deal and get the patent sanctioned so that we can make the most of the research work and come up with a positive result. When we plan for a research we need to take care of the fact that we are taking the best step to make the most of the deal and get the best result that can help uplift the entire society.

S: This article is about Patent Application Canada and the things that we will have to take care of when we are looking for the best of the patent deals in the area. What matters the most is the deal is that we will have to show a positive result for the research work so as to sanction the patent that has been offered by the government.


Portfolio management is the conglomeration of art along with science of making corrective decision about the particular investment mix and making of policies and matching investment to various objectives. It also includes asset collection for the individuals and for the institutions along with balancing risk against performances.

Business honchos are struggling more than ever in gaining visibility into their portfolio investments. Without a clear understanding of how the commercial standards are performing the overall assessment will be based on the metrics being provided. The leaders are unable to make key business decisions that would result in greater business values as it has been said by individuals who are working as patent attorney in Canada.
Here are some of the major benefits that have been realized from portfolio management:

  • Increase project delivery success– A below performed project delivery leads to project failure. Project failure can be caused by numerous factors such as cost overruns along with schedule delays, poorly defined requirements, and mismanaged resources, lack of proper strategy. This management resources modus-operandi ensures that these factors are less and one can carry out business standards with ease as being said by individuals who have been working as patent attorney in Canada.
  • Reduction of overspending– Even the successful project can really reflect overspending. Overspending can be caused by numerous factors such as poor project estimating along with inaccurate scheduling, improper resource allocation and no visibility into the project data. The management tool provides the estimation tools needed to ensure that projects are estimated more accurately. The rightful resources are put on the right work at the right time.
  • Faster project turn times– The technology allows the team members in keeping the work flowing and will typically increase the productivity as it takes the mid work out of the question. As it known to all that strategically aligned projects have the tenacity in providing better results. These values can be realized sooner and in many cases can provide business a head start on their competition.
  • Reduction in “no value” projects– This approach allows you to track the overall value of each project along with the estimates and benefits. Based on scoring and ranking of the key performance and indicators, projects can then be selected or it can get cancelled. As projects are cancelled other projects might get affected. Other projects that have already been selected might be compromised. The business leaders need the portfolio management to ensure that they are making the correct verdict for the most money-spinning portfolio as it has been said by individuals working as patent attorney in Canada.


  • Streamline data and increase collaboration– Numerous businesses till today rely on manual tools, for project planning and reporting. Lots of individuals are still using the excel worksheets. These tools are located on a client’s computer and are not intended for enterprise usages. Data which are transferred and updated through email or other means is not being considered of being real time information. It can easily become out of date quickly leading to project conflicts and inconsistencies.


If you are having great ideas for the latest products along with materials or process, then it is the rightful time to take some preventive measures in protecting the property. The best possible option is protecting it via a patent.

A patent is nothing but a governmental grant that provides you the exclusive right in making the sell and use the particular invention for couple of decades from the date you file your application.

Patenting the invention can help you to

  • Attract investors
  • Protect your ideas from the other competitors
  • License or selling your ideas to others

An individual can apply for a patent if you are inventing something latest or if you have plans for improvement on an existing invention.

In order to be eligible for a patent your invention must me in the following areas:

  1. Novel- The invention should be first of its kind in the entire world
  2. Useful- The invention that you have done must be functional and quite operative
  3. Inventive- The particular invention of yours must have the tenacity in showing ingenuity and absolutely not be obvious to others as being said by individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

Before the investment one is advice to go through the entire Canadian patent database and see if the invention has already been patented. If it hasn’t been patented you will wait in deciding if the benefits of patenting outweigh the costs for the commercial standards.

Keep it in mind that if you are granted a patent for an improvement to an existing invention you need to get a license from the particular owner from the original invention before using it. Controversially, if the original patent holder wants you to use your improvement, they will have to sign a licensing agreement with the particular individual as being said by various individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

It is to be noted that if you are granted a patent for an improvement to an existing invention within the geographical boundaries of the country but not internationally. If you would like to protect your invention in other part of the country you would want to file separate patent applications as it has been said by individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

By providing in inventors with monopolies on their creation for a specific period, a patent protect investments and allows the investors to profit financially from their creativity. This allows in getting a lucrative incentive for various research and development.

Without the possibility of patent protection, numerous people might not take the risk of investing the time or money which is being needed in creating perfectly new products. Without such activities the economy might suffer.

Patents do more work than earning money. They are also a way for people in sharing or cutting the edge and information. Each patent document describes the latest aspect of a technology in clear and specified terms and is being available for anyone who is to read. This makes them vital resource for business related purposes and academics and others who need to keep up with developments in the respective fields.