Portfolio management is the conglomeration of art along with science of making corrective decision about the particular investment mix and making of policies and matching investment to various objectives. It also includes asset collection for the individuals and for the institutions along with balancing risk against performances.

Business honchos are struggling more than ever in gaining visibility into their portfolio investments. Without a clear understanding of how the commercial standards are performing the overall assessment will be based on the metrics being provided. The leaders are unable to make key business decisions that would result in greater business values as it has been said by individuals who are working as patent attorney in Canada.
Here are some of the major benefits that have been realized from portfolio management:

  • Increase project delivery success– A below performed project delivery leads to project failure. Project failure can be caused by numerous factors such as cost overruns along with schedule delays, poorly defined requirements, and mismanaged resources, lack of proper strategy. This management resources modus-operandi ensures that these factors are less and one can carry out business standards with ease as being said by individuals who have been working as patent attorney in Canada.
  • Reduction of overspending– Even the successful project can really reflect overspending. Overspending can be caused by numerous factors such as poor project estimating along with inaccurate scheduling, improper resource allocation and no visibility into the project data. The management tool provides the estimation tools needed to ensure that projects are estimated more accurately. The rightful resources are put on the right work at the right time.
  • Faster project turn times– The technology allows the team members in keeping the work flowing and will typically increase the productivity as it takes the mid work out of the question. As it known to all that strategically aligned projects have the tenacity in providing better results. These values can be realized sooner and in many cases can provide business a head start on their competition.
  • Reduction in “no value” projects– This approach allows you to track the overall value of each project along with the estimates and benefits. Based on scoring and ranking of the key performance and indicators, projects can then be selected or it can get cancelled. As projects are cancelled other projects might get affected. Other projects that have already been selected might be compromised. The business leaders need the portfolio management to ensure that they are making the correct verdict for the most money-spinning portfolio as it has been said by individuals working as patent attorney in Canada.


  • Streamline data and increase collaboration– Numerous businesses till today rely on manual tools, for project planning and reporting. Lots of individuals are still using the excel worksheets. These tools are located on a client’s computer and are not intended for enterprise usages. Data which are transferred and updated through email or other means is not being considered of being real time information. It can easily become out of date quickly leading to project conflicts and inconsistencies.


If you are having great ideas for the latest products along with materials or process, then it is the rightful time to take some preventive measures in protecting the property. The best possible option is protecting it via a patent.

A patent is nothing but a governmental grant that provides you the exclusive right in making the sell and use the particular invention for couple of decades from the date you file your application.

Patenting the invention can help you to

  • Attract investors
  • Protect your ideas from the other competitors
  • License or selling your ideas to others

An individual can apply for a patent if you are inventing something latest or if you have plans for improvement on an existing invention.

In order to be eligible for a patent your invention must me in the following areas:

  1. Novel- The invention should be first of its kind in the entire world
  2. Useful- The invention that you have done must be functional and quite operative
  3. Inventive- The particular invention of yours must have the tenacity in showing ingenuity and absolutely not be obvious to others as being said by individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

Before the investment one is advice to go through the entire Canadian patent database and see if the invention has already been patented. If it hasn’t been patented you will wait in deciding if the benefits of patenting outweigh the costs for the commercial standards.

Keep it in mind that if you are granted a patent for an improvement to an existing invention you need to get a license from the particular owner from the original invention before using it. Controversially, if the original patent holder wants you to use your improvement, they will have to sign a licensing agreement with the particular individual as being said by various individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

It is to be noted that if you are granted a patent for an improvement to an existing invention within the geographical boundaries of the country but not internationally. If you would like to protect your invention in other part of the country you would want to file separate patent applications as it has been said by individuals providing Canadian Patent Application.

By providing in inventors with monopolies on their creation for a specific period, a patent protect investments and allows the investors to profit financially from their creativity. This allows in getting a lucrative incentive for various research and development.

Without the possibility of patent protection, numerous people might not take the risk of investing the time or money which is being needed in creating perfectly new products. Without such activities the economy might suffer.

Patents do more work than earning money. They are also a way for people in sharing or cutting the edge and information. Each patent document describes the latest aspect of a technology in clear and specified terms and is being available for anyone who is to read. This makes them vital resource for business related purposes and academics and others who need to keep up with developments in the respective fields.